Community Sponsorships

  • Typically the first Saturday of each month.
  • To invite members of the community to enjoy ​PAY WHAT YOU CAN​ meals on equal terms, regardless of preconceived need.  On these days, no guests are required to pay for their meal so it facilitates an easier invitation for those in need to accept.
  • To create a more intentional opportunity for guests of different demographics to share meals together.
  • To raise awareness of food insecurity challenges in the Littleton community.
  • To provide a service opportunity for people to invest their time and talents in the Littleton community.
  • To expose people to GraceFull and our mission. Please encourage your team to invite lots of people of all backgrounds.

Monthly sponsors for ​Community day​s ​are instrumental in helping this day be sustainable.  The sponsoring organization donates a recommended $2500 to cover the operational, food and supply costs for the day.  Sponsorship donated funds are 100% tax deductible.  Additional donation amounts always welcomed if you would like to support the work of GraceFull Foundation.  Additionally the sponsoring organization provides 15-20 volunteers to help serve, prepare food and clean dishes. The day is busy, rewarding and a lot of fun.

If you are interested please contact for more information and available months.

Additional Information