GraceFull Foundation Board

Community outreach through food is central to GraceFull’s vision and GraceFull Foundation will be the face for this vision.  It was important to us as owners to have a group of very talented individuals speaking into how to implement this vision within the foundation from the very beginning.  Giving back often and with joy is one of GraceFull’s  core values and we are privileged to have these great community leaders supporting the future work of GraceFull Foundation and the impact we believe it can have in our community.


Troy Greenwood

Troy works as a Technology Consultant and spends his Wednesdays at GraceFull Cafe.  Before GraceFull, Troy spent his Wednesdays at Denver Inner City Parish “welcoming and empowering people in need through support, determination and community.”  As an avid reader and self-over-analyzer his occupation as a Technology Consultant and Volunteer allows him to be in both the corporate and non-profit worlds. He strives to continue to show these two worlds the unique things they have to offer each other.  His other passions includes being a husband and father, faith, geeking out on technology, strategy, leadership and being in community.

Sarah Balasky

Sarah is originally from the Chicago area, where she met and married her husband Glenn. They have 2 children, Brett and Erin, who are working and attending college in the Midwest. The family is represented by 3 Big 10 schools, and love to support their teams, especially during football and basketball seasons! Sarah lives in Littleton for a second time around.  Her roots were first in Littleton from 1998-2004, then life took the Balaskys to Columbus, Ohio for 10 years.

Delighted to be back in Colorado and part of the community again, Sarah joined the volunteer team at GraceFull shortly after it opened its doors in May 2016. She is also involved in Community Bible Study and at South Fellowship Church. She is honored to be part of the GraceFull family, loving and serving guests, friends and neighbors through nutritious, simple and beautiful food.


Aaron Eichman

Aaron has been involved in the Littleton area for almost 15 years and has a passion to see the beautiful community continue to grow and develop. After years as a pastor and working with youth in the area, Aaron transitioned to being a counselor where he is able to help individuals, couples, and family systems realize their value and live out their story.  He is also an affiliate professor at Colorado Christian University in their outdoor leadership department. Aaron has been married to the love of his life for 12 years and has two beautiful kiddos. Together as a family they share in many outdoor adventures. When Aaron is not with his family you will probably find Aaron out fishing on lakes, rivers, or ice. Aaron is excited to be a part of GraceFull Cafe and the beauty that it provides not only through food but more importantly, relationships.