Welcome to GraceFull Community Cafe

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Hours of operation:

Breakfast: 7-11 am
Lunch: 11-2 pm
Breakfast ALL DAY on Saturdays

Who We Are

GraceFull Cafe, a community cafe based in downtown Littleton, Colorado, serves breakfast and lunch.

Vision & Mission

Our mission at GraceFull Cafe is to provide a home in the Littleton community where people of all backgrounds can gather, eat well, and be inspired to give back. 

GraceFull Foundation, our 501(c)3 partner organization, welcomes volunteers in the community on a daily basis to join in our vision of a healthier, stronger, more connected community.

Our Core Values.  We will…

Invite, welcome and love all people
Show you the beauty in simplicity
Focus on food that is friendly to your own kitchen
Use what we have and limit the excess
Give back often and with joy

What We Offer

GraceFull Cafe is a friendly gathering place where strangers can become neighbors and neighbors can become friends. The cafe provides an opportunity for guests from all backgrounds to enjoy simple, affordable and healthy meals in a comfortable community setting. At GraceFull, we believe that one healthy meal, made with love and shared in community, can prove the wisdom in the age-old adage of “less is more.”

GraceFull Foundation, the cafe’s non-profit organization, focuses on community outreach programs through which we further live out our mission to gather, eat, and give. Through these events, we will offer people a chance to enrich their lives by sharing meals together, connecting with free resources, and learning something new.

Who We Serve

At GraceFull Cafe, we invite, welcome, and love all people. This includes individuals who have the discretionary income to dine out and those who don’t.

Prices are very reasonable, with a fixed pricing structure of $5 for breakfast and $8 for lunch. Drinks and specialty coffee bar drinks are a little extra.

The cafe assists lower income individuals by providing them with an option for a simple, nutritious meal with fresh ingredients for the same or lower price than the typical cost of fast food.

To find out more, or get involved:

Join our volunteer program.
See upcoming events.
Learn about GraceFull Foundation.
Pay it forward by donating.