Welcome to GraceFull Community Cafe

About GraceFull


to create a healthier, stronger, more connected community


to provide a home in the Littleton community where people of all backgrounds can gather, eat well and be inspired to give back

Our Core Values.  We will…

Invite, welcome and love all people
Show you the beauty in simplicity
Focus on food that is friendly to your own kitchen
Use what we have and limit the excess
Give back often and with joy

Hours of Operation

Breakfast: 7-11 am
Lunch: 11-2 pm Breakfast ALL DAY on Saturdays
Closed Sunday & Monday

Our breakfast & lunch specials change daily

We are a community cafe and believe that every guest deserves a good meal. When ordering, you can:

  1. Pay what you can afford, and GraceFull Foundation will pick up the difference (up to 100%). We call these Grace In Action meals.
  2. Donate or tip above the total amount of your meal (just like tipping at any other restaurant). Your generosity funds future Grace In Action & community meals!

It takes approximately 120 volunteers each month to run the cafe as we have limited full-time staff. Our volunteers allow us to be able keep prices as low as we can for guests and we also want to invite the community into our mission by extending an opportunity to serve with us. You don’t have to have any special cooking skills!  We’re just looking for people that enjoy learning, serving in their community and meeting new people.

At the present time, we offer…

  1. A FREE monthly Community Dinner
    We believe that loving each other well is an essential part of building community. As a visible act of love, we host a monthly community meal in the evening that is free, giving everyone a chance to enjoy a good, nutritious meal and to make new connections in our community. We believe that great conversations happen when we gather over delicious food.
  2. Regular FREE Community Events
    We believe that loving each other well is an essential part of building community. As a visible act of love, we regularly host events that share the work of GraceFull Foundation, support our local partners and connect our guests with important community resources. When we network well, great things happen!

  1. Grace In Action – funds the cost of meals provided to guests at GraceFull Cafe who are unable to pay full price for their meal.
  2. Community Meals – strengthens the Littleton community by providing an opportunity for people to gather, share a meal and make new connections in their neighborhood.
  3. Future community development opportunities such as classes that focus on health and nutrition.
May 2017. Celebrating One Year of GraceFull.